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6 Styles of leadership in management - Who & what will you become?

Styles Of Leadership

Introduction: Styles of Leadership

As leaders, we may additionally have a tendency to choose a particular leadership style.

However, according to Daniel Goleman, effective leadership is characterized by the leader being capable of switch between different leadership styles. This form of situational leadership gives exceptional results.

There are 6 styles of leadership that may be helpful to apprehend larger dynamics, understand your propensities, and where you need more work.

  1. The commanding – “Do as I say!”

  2. The visionary – “We must go this way”

  3. The affiliate – “People first”

  4. The democratic – “What do you guys think?”

  5. The tempo-setting – “Do as I do”

  6. The coaching – “What do you think?”

We will describe the different styles of leadership so you can find out what kind of leader you are, or can become.

If you want to know more, then we recommend you to read “Define Leadership”.

Daniel Goleman's 6 styles of leadership

1. The commanding

The style is suitable when shopping here and now, for example, in an extremely pressured situation.

The fact that the manager knows best what to do characterizes it, and therefore in pressured situations, it can help employees to bind their anxiety in the manager. With the commanding style, the manager will stand behind the employees and, with an overview, control the processes in his organization.

In the long run, however, such a style will lead to poor organizational flexibility and low commitment by employees.

2. The visionary

By setting common goals, the manager steers his employees toward a goal, without dictating how to get there.

The management style has a positive effect on the work climate and is particularly useful when there is a need to set a direction for the employees.

Always explain the purpose. It enables employees to act on their own.

3. The affiliate leadership

The affiliate leadership style is appropriate for building team spirit, now not growing effects – and while building unity, in order that it may create later effects. With this style, the leader ordinarily specializes in the relationships in the organization, even if it has to be at the rate of the consequences.

The style can have the consequence that poorly done work is not reprimanded and corrected.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

- Warren Buffett

4. The democratic

The involvement of employees in decision-making processes characterizes the style. It can be used when it comes to creating acceptance of decisions, as it is easier to take ownership of decisions that you yourself have been involved in making.

The style promotes the possibility that new ideas can emerge and that the organization can choose to go new ways.

The disadvantage may be that employees may experience that the organization is without a leader and that time is wasted on endless meetings.

5. The tempo-setting

A leader who himself creates high-quality results and, at a high pace, will act as a turbo on his employees, especially if the employee team comprises highly motivated people.
The manager sets a standard that the employees must live up to.

He leads, so to speak, by personal example. The downside is that the manager’s high pace can drive employees tired, so they lose the spark.

6. The coaching

The primary purpose of the coaching leader is to develop his staff so that they are ready to take on the challenges that the future will bring.

Such a leader will positively affect the work climate; now it is the team member himself who is at the center.

The style is relevant in situations where the individual must improve his efforts. The precondition, however, is that the employee actually wants to move.

chess, king, match-1226126.jpg

The key to success is the variety

From Goleman’s research, he concludes that those leaders who have learned and can switch between at least four leadership styles have the best work environment in their organization. These leaders produce the best results.

According to Goleman, the four most important leadership styles are:

  • The visionary
  • The affiliate
  • The democratic
  • The coaching

Leadership is something you do

Notice that this is a leadership style described by Goleman.

It is a democratic leadership style and not a democratic leader. Sure, we as leaders have preferences, and in everyday life, we hardly think very much about our choice of leadership style, but living out a leadership style is something you do.
Not something you are.

It also means that we, as leaders, can and should adapt to changing situations.
Management must be situational. We must constantly keep in mind that our job as leaders is to get the most out of the resources we have available.
The situation may therefore mean that we as managers must do something other than what we ourselves prefer in order to succeed in the task: we must command even if it does not come naturally to us or we must involve the employees even if we would rather decide.

Do you want more inspiration for further reading, then go to Amazon now and find “Leadership That Gets Results.” from Harward Business.

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.

- John Maxwell

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